About us

Real Estate Company 24/7 was created at the beginning of 2005 and has since then successfully developed it’s own residential properties as well as obtained a strong position as commercial broker for larger properties.

Our main activities are purchasing and developing residential properties in the most sought after suburbs to Riga. 

In 2008 we completed a large residential development in Ikskile and created 24 land plots. Due to this project was built Danish company Timberhouse house, which is model of Danish functionality and asceticism.

In 2009 representing Danish investment company 24/7 Invest Letland we completed 26 land plots village construction in Daugmale.

In 2010 we completed village in Ogresgals with 13 land plots. 

For all our objects we have installed communications and asphalted access roads. 

We have continuously facilitated sale of large commercial properties in and around Riga working mainly with Scandinavian investors. 

Please have a look at our website for present properties and at the same time we encourage you to contact us should you consider to acquire or sell property in and around Riga.

We look forward to continued corporation and remain,

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Bonde
SIA 24/7